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Wellness at Next Gen

We have a fully equipped gym in the hub to help our members live a healthy lifestyle. We also offer weekly group training classes with an athletic trainer, Kris Gafor. Even if you're not a member at the hub you can book inspiring workouts for your team with Kris at our gym. 


Group training classes

Invite your colleagues to an active teambuilding activity or kickoff. We can offer you a tailor made workout for up to 10 people at a time. Depending on what you prefer you can choose to do a circuit training, mobility training, a kickoff to get back into healthy routines or if you have something specific you would like to focus on. 


Circuit training (30/45/60 min)

2 -10 PEOPLE

A full body workout with a mix of strength and cardio. Sweat is guaranteed. You will be divided into smaller groups and do different exercises in a circuit. 


Mobilité (30/45/60 min)

2 -10 PEOPLE

For everyone spending most of their time sitting by a desk this is the workout for you. Improve your posture and increase your range of motion. 



2 -10 PEOPLE

Does your team want help to prepare for a marathon or another race? Or do you want a cross fit workout? Tailor the group training after your needs and goals. 

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Kris Gafor


Kris is all about a balanced lifestyle which means moving your body in a way that makes you happier overall. He is an experienced athletic trainer and basketball player and can guarantee to make you push yourself - but always with a smile on your face. 

Contact Kris: 


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